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Marsh Air can repair all makes and models of commercial heaters and air conditioning units. Some of the manufacturers we have experitse with are Amana, Trane, Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, Liebert, and more.

Some of our commerical heating and air conditioning services include, but limited to:

Commercial Refrigeration

Marsh Air can handle all of your commercial refrigeration needs. Walk in coolers and freezers, prep tables, reach ins, under counter, beer and wine coolers, and ice machines. Keeping your product cool and fresh is our main concern. Passing health inspection for your restaurant refrigeration is easy when you stay on top of maintenance issues.

Marsh Air can help get your refrigeration equipment running correctly and prevent those break downs from lack of care or maintenance. Marsh Air can help keep fan coils clean, check refrigerant levels and operation, and provide feedback on issues that need to be corrected.

Ice machines are a vital part of any restaurant. Repairs can be very costly and the down time and hassle of having to run to find ice is time consuming. Water treatment and regular inspections can save you on problems that occur due to lack of maintenance. Poor water quality can also ruin your ice machine. Get filters and change them regularly. Clear ice is what you want. Cloudy ice has mineral build up and melts faster. A water filter will remove those hard water minerals. Keeping the inside of the machine clean is a must. The health inspector demands it and so do your customers. When was the last time you looked inside your ice machine?

Walk in coolers and freezers are the heart of your business. Take care of your heart and your heart will take care of you. Don't neglect simple maintenance or you may have a break down and lose your product. While all break downs cannot be avoided, it is nice to have the peace of mind knowing that it won't be for something that could have been avoided with an inspection. Call Marsh Air today!

Door gaskets keep the cool air in and the warm air out. Don't wait to get written up by the health inspector for having cracked and broken gaskets. Marsh Air will help you be pro active and stay in the "A" grade. Call us today for all your commercial refrigeration needs!

Novar allows site monitoring of your comercial HVAC. Marsh Air knows how to troubleshoot and repair Novar controlled equipment.

Filter Replacement
Negelecting to change your filters can cause a reduced cooling or heating capacity, which will be inefficient and cost you more money. Failing to to replace your filters regularly can cause breakdowns or service calls. Make sure you are using a pleated filter, not fiberglass. From sites with one to multiple units, we will develop a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Coil Cleaning
Dirty coils reduce effieincy and cause breakdowns. Have your coils cleaned by a professioanl regularly and save yourself the future hassle of breakdowns and service calls.

Freon Leaks
We find and fix freon leaks. Stop paying to have your air conditioing unit charged up every year. Once the leak is fixed, you should not have to put anymore freon in your system, unless there is another leak.

Thermostat Replacement
If you have an old mercury thrmostat, it should be changed out for a newer thermostat. Mercury is a hazardous material.

Belt Replacement
Have your belts checked and changed depending on your use. We check for loose or cracked conditions. Avoid a costly service repair for just a broken belt.

Compressor Replacement
We repair and repalce all types and tonnage.

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